The Habitable Form Process

1. Pre-Design

This is where we dive deep into the analysis of your site, you and your neighboring context. We’ll use surveys to investigate the trees, topography, opportunities for views and potential privacy needs. We analyze the sun, breezes and climatic impacts of the micro-climate of your site. We research design regulations of your neighborhood, zoning, and building codes that may impact your future modern home design. If you are on water, we research the FEMA as well as OCRM guidelines. We’ll break down all of the spaces you wish to have and start to come up with an early indication of the proposed budget before moving forward into design.

2. Schematic Design

Now for the most exciting part – where we get started on the design of your new modern home! We start with rough sketches where we may offer many options that are possible for your site. In these sketches we will highlight specific areas we wish to highlight on your site like water views or natural features of the site. We will offer inspirational images of the overall look and feel of the spaces we have in mind to see if it matches your vision.

3. Design Development

Once we have a concept, we will move into 3D via our computer modeling software, Revit and show the near-real look and materiality and allow you to see the home from all angles. In our virtual reality software, Enscape you can see how the natural light will affect the spaces throughout the day and helps us to design optimal shading for our environment. We will now bring in our landscape architecture team to further develop the integration to the natural surroundings. We will also bring in a Structural, Geotechnical, Mechanical Engineer and other specialty consultants as needed.

4. Construction Documentation

This is where the instruction manual for how to build your home is made. We compile a comprehensive set of drawings and specifications along with our consultant team in order to provide the builder with a high level of detail to streamline their construction process as much as possible. We design the electrical layout and lighting design to complete the overall look and feel of your modern home.

5. Construction Administration

This is where your new modern home design begins to take shape! During construction, we make regular site visits to ensure the work conforms with the drawings. We take detailed notes and photographs that we compile into Field Reports with every site visit. We will review shop drawings, window and door orders, and answer any questions the builder may have while interpreting the construction documents. We evaluate work samples, such as facade details and color swatches. When we have completed the construction of your modern home we hope that it is as unique and spectacular as you are!

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